Little People Say...

"I LOVED James and The Giant Peach because the costumes were amazing, the acting was great and the songs were outstanding!
They made the story come to life so that is why I LOVED the show at YPT"

Stella – Age 9

52 Weeks – The Genesis

New Year's Eve 2014 and we were at a bit of a loss about how to celebrate. In previous years we've rented a cottage (fondly known as "The Winterproof") with friends or been invited to people's houses and generally partied in the new year with a pack - albeit a pack of sleepy-by-10-pm fellow parents. This year plans changed, the weather dis-cooperated and we were flying solo with the girls.

Valentine's Day is for Families!

Busy little hands and big full hearts... Chocolate, flowers, glittery gifts& construction papercards.

Family Day Events & Activities

Make the most of this special holiday dedicated to you – the family!

Winter Guide 2015

Lace up your boots, slip into your skates and dig out your long johns. It may be a little chilly but there's no way we're going to spend the winter hiding out at home! Here's the skinny on Toronto's best Outdoor Activities for 2015...

March Break Camps

If you haven't got the vacation days or the pocketbook for a getaway this year, you're going to need a camp! Here's our round up of Toronto's finest complete with everything you need to book one today. And book you should, March Break camps fill up fast!

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