Our Best Pumpkin Pies… from the archives


We set a handful of Little Paper mamas loose with the challenge of sharing their best pumpkin pie recipe a few years ago and although the results vary from store-bought to straight-outta-cordon-bleu, they are all tested, beloved and very pumpkin-y! Pick your favourite, test it out yourself and share with your family and our best wishes for a very happy Thanksgiving!

the no crust pumpkin pie

An adapted pair of recipes – gingersnaps swap in for pastry, apple butter takes it up a notch. This is actually super-fast to make and has lots of stir-in opportunities for even very young children. – Vicki

the over-the-top, all-out, not a pie at all version

Pumpkin pie ice cream, pumpkin cookies and a decadent drizzle of caramel completes this Thanksgiving masterwork. – Véronique

the no-pie pie

Pumpkin molasses loaf lets you take the holiday from brunch through lunch box and makes good on the half a tin of puree you have left over from the pie – Caroline

the scratch pie

Oven-roasted fresh pumpkin, hand-made butter flake pastry, crushed black pepper, little tiny hand-cut pastry leaves and sugared berries… Okay, we didn’t actually make this one. I mean seriously. But here’s a very good recipe. – a Professional Baker

the half-way there pie

Tinned purée, grocery store freezer crust, a reliable recipe and you can get from zero to a very respectable and delicious pie in short order. – Tanya

the kid-friendly pie

$18 and a quick trip to ed’s real scoop scores you a big win with the kids but call them to reserve – these things go like hot cold cakes! – Anna

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