hallowe’en costumes

A round up of our stickiest sources for inspiration, instructions and ripping, ahem riffing-off points. Our favourite instructions so far gained so much charm in translation that we had to share them:

“To achieve an astronaut suit, buy a natural result of card paper and copper paper , the color of leaves . Retrieve a roll of toilet paper.”

Should you have any difficulty achieving the ideal leaf coloured paper result, fret not. We have options…

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Our intrepid researchers found plenty to inspire at oh happy day and hello wonderful – we love the cotton candy girl – although she looks less than thrilled.)

Déguisements from Milk, mais ouis… are de rigeur and Ms Martha is of course a standard go-to. We always check out dear, Sweet Paul and loved the cheap, cheerful, on trend ideas from Mother Mag.

New finds for us this year are this is ladyland, simplytale and inchmark and, although they aren’t really costumes, we couldn’t resist the mood pieces at smidgetikka.

Of smattering of highlights from Pinterest were the scuba divers (there’s Ghostbusters hack-ability here), a hipster lumberjack inspired by any number of guys in brewpubs in toronto and a very lovely cloud girl.

Post your picks with us at facebook – we love, love, love handmade, hacked and home-cooked hallowe’en costumes!


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