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Charb Arts programs support kids in building a healthy lifelong relationship with the Arts through dance, art and music.

Kids that come to Charb Arts...

Enjoy exceptional and responsive instruction and curriculum
Develop an arts vocabulary
Receive appreciation, respect and encouragement
Celebrate and respect personal strengths and individuality

2238 Dundas St W, Suite 111


• After School Arts Pick Up Program (6-12yrs)

Mon-Fri: 3:15/3:30pm pick up from school to studio; Sep-Jun


• Lyrical Ballet 1& 2 (6-9yrs)

Mon: 5-6pm (6-7yrs), 4-5pm (8-9yrs)

• Contemporary Dance (9-14yrs)

Wed: 7-8pm

• Creative Ballet 1 & 2 (6-9yrs)

Sat: 11am-12pm, Wed: 4-5pm (6-7yrs), Sat: 12-1pm, Wed: 5-6pm (8-9yrs)

• Creative Ballet 3 (9-14yrs)

Sat:1-2pm, Wed: 6-7pm

• Creative Dance Lab (4-5yrs)

Sat: 10-11am

• Pre-Tazz Dance (4-5yrs)

Fri: 4-5pm

• Creative Jazz 1 & 2 (6-9yrs)

Tue: 4-5pm (6-7yrs), 5-6pm (8-9yrs)

• Creative Jazz 3 (9-14yrs)

Tue: 6-7pm

• Hip Hop 1 & 2 (6-9yrs)

Thu: 4-5pm (6-7yrs), 5-6pm, 6-7pm (8-9yrs)

• Hip Hop 2/3 (8-11yrs)

Thu: 6-7pm

• Hip Hop 3 (9-14yrs)

Thu: 7-8pm

• PlayDance (3-4yrs)

Sat: 9-9:45am, Sun: 11-11:45am

• Skip Hop (4-5yrs)

Fri: 5-6pm

• Super Hero Dance (4-5yrs)

Sun: 10-11am

• Tap 1 & 2 (6-9yrs)

Mon: 4-5pm (6-7yrs), 5-6pm (8-9yrs)

• Toddle Dance (2-3yrs)

Sat: 9-9:45am


• Kinder Mornings (2-4yrs)

Wed, Thu: 9:30-11:30am

• Kinder Arts (4-5yrs)

Sat, Sun: 11am-12pm

• Toddle Art (2-3yrs)

Sat, Sun: 10-10:45am

• Art Lab 1 & 2 (6-9yrs)

Sat: 12-1pm

• Art Lab 3 & 4 (9-14yrs)

Sat: 1-2pm

• Art That Moves 1 & 2 (6-9yrs)

Wed: 5-6pm (6-7yrs), 4-5pm (8-9yrs)

• Art That Moves 3 (9-14yrs)

Wed: 6-7pm

• Arts & Culture 1 & 2 (6-9yrs)

Tue: 5-6pm (6-7yrs), 4-5pm (8-9yrs)

• Arts & Culture 3 (9-14yrs)

Tue: 6-7pm

• Craft & Design (9-14yrs)

Mon: 6-7:30pm

• Discovery Lab (6-9yrs)

Fri: 4-5pm, 5-6pm

• Intro to Contemporary Art (9-14yrs)

Wed: 7-8pm

• Urban Art 1 & 2 (6-9yrs)

Thu: 5-6pm (6-7yrs), 4-5pm (8-9yrs)

• Urban Art 3 (9-14yrs)

Thu: 6-7yrs

• After School Arts Pick Up Program (6-12yrs)

Mon-Fri: 3:15/3:30pm pick up from school to studio; Sep-Jun


• Intro to Musical Theatre (9-14yrs)

Tue: 7-8:30pm


• Vocal (6-9yrs)

Sat: 11-11:30am, 12-12:30pm, Tue: 4-4:30pm. 4:30-5pm, 5–5:30pm

• Vocal (9-14yrs)

Sat: 11:30am-12pm, 12:30–1pm, Tue: 5:30–6pm, 6-6:30pm, 6:30–7pm


• Birthday Parties (all ages)

Fri: 5-7pm, Sat: 4-6pm, Sun: 12-2pm, 3-5pm
$275 /2hrs instruction ( 8-10 children)
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