alexandra park

Alexandra Park has plain old swimming in a no frills setting but a neighbouring park, a library, emergency babysitting services and a unique food market make it a top pick. Post swim, a quick stroll will put you in the heart of Kensington Market for an instant hit of urban diversity, nitro gelato, a big basket of strawberries and the best sausage in the city. Or take a teeny detour north to The Strong One on Wales Avenue for coffee or a pink himalayan or west to Sweet Sammies for a scoop of ice cream sandwiched between macarons!

Pool Times
June 17-30 | Thur/Sat/Sun - 12-8pm, M/T/W - 4-8pm, Fri Closed
June 30 - Sep 3 | Leisure Swim: Sun-M - 12-8pm | Wading Pool: S/Sun-1-3:30pm, M/W- 12am-5pm, Tu/Th/F - 11am-4pm

Our swimming pool information comes straight from the city websites but please double check! We cannot stress this enough! We are mothers. We know the work it takes to get from zero to swimming. And there are few things sadder than a kid in a swim diaper and nowhere to pee in it.

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